About Us

What Are We

aka.The Store is a young contemporary fashion retail store, carrying the trendiest woman and man fashion (of all sizes), accessories and essentials.


Who We’re Here For

aka.THE STORE is for everybody that loves good quality fashion without the cost of an arm and a leg. We are here for people that need help in wardrobe building; people that need key/must have pieces that will be timeless in their collection; people that want that loud fashion that they cannot find anywhere else. If we do not have the item, we will try to get it in or if we know an existing place that has it, we can tell you where you can get it. We are that one stop shop that everyone trusts in. We buy from all over the world, so we have a wide selection of styles and sizing ranges. We are here for everyone.


Our Philosophy

We are here to create a fun and safe space for everyone to be who they are. Everyone that leaves aka.THE STORE will feel happy, beautiful, and re-energized. We are the place people go to when they are having a bad day because we are the light of positivity. We are beyond a fashion store, we are a lifestyle. We want to inspire people to follow what they believe in; to give people the confidence that it is okay to be themselves and not be afraid; to bring awareness to young entrepreneurs that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. We are a boutique and online store curated with the hottest current trends from around the globe.